Social Media


Take your company’s online presence to the next level with SocialLeap.

  • SocialLeap is the digital marketing leg of Vivid Pro.
  • We believe everyone, no matter what industry you are in, can have a successful digital marketing strategy.
  • Our aim is to send more people to your website and ultimately to your store to become a lifelong partner in your business.
  • SocialLeap creates and manages digital platforms such as Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Email Newsletters and SEO.
  • We help you set goals in your business and take the stress off your shoulders by creating plans to get there and putting them to action.
  • Not only do we create your content, but we train someone in your business to be efficient in content creation for an even more comfortable marketing solution.

What we do

Analyse your social media pages and website to determine their level of optimisation for traffic towards the website.

Provide a plan to demonstrate what SocialLeap will do in order to correct errors found in the first step.

Improve optimisation of all platforms in order for your business to generate the maximum amount of traffic.

Contact us today to get a free analysis of your digital marketing channels.